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CB Credit Repair Services has a team of certified credit repair specialist that is dedicated to working extremely hard for it's clients. Keeping a close eye for any questionable, inaccurate, outdated, misleading, and unverifiable information. 

Gretchen and DeAngelo states that since they began the process 2 months ago they have already been approved for non-secured credit cards in which they were previously denied!

Gretchen and DeAngelo 

2nd Month Credit Client

Deryk Boose  says CB Credit Repair allowed his past to be his past. After removing tax liens and judgments from his credit report. Deryk also has qualified for large amount unsecured credit cards.  

Tess Timonial

Deryk Boose

4 Month Credit Clients

Carnell Brown says with CB Credit Repairs detailed attention. They removed inaccurate child support orders from his credit.

Carnell Brown

6 Month Credit Client

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